Rama wishes a happy Eid al-Fitr day and announces opening of religious temples

23/05/2020 15:06

Prime Minister Edi Rama has wished a happy Eid al-Fitr to Albanian muslim believers though a post on Facebook, and added that the government is ready to open religious shrines from next week, in line with health security protocols.

According to Rama, their opening will start tomorrow morning with the blessing of Eid al-Fitr day and will continue next week with other cult objects.

“After cooperating these weeks with the religious communities and preparing the health and safety protocols, we are ready to decide to open the activity of the temples from next week, with all the relevant health security restrictions.

“Tomorrow, with good luck and the blessing of the the beautiful day of the faith calendar, wishing with all my heart the Eid to the Muslim believers, I also wish the opening of the mosques (under the great care of the spiritual leaders of the community for the observance of the protocols proposed by themselves) to be a good omen of peace and goodness, for all communities and Albania and Albanians themselves”, stated Rama among other things.

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