Rama to Berisha: End the sufferings of political prisoners

20/10/2010 00:00

The Socialist leader, Edi Rama held a speech at the Congress of
Socialist Women, where he commented for the first time the hunger strike
of the political prisoners, rejecting the Prime Minister’s accusations
that the strike was organized by the SP.

Rama asked Berisha to stop the sufferings of their people who have been closed in the prisons of the party of which Berisha was a member, and he promised that the Socialist government would resolve their issue.

“This is not a political strike, as the government says. This is a hunger strike, of people fighting to secure their food. It is not encouraged by the Socialist Party, as Berisha says. It is encouraged by the ignoring and depreciation shown by Sali Berisha. The Democratic Party news papers write that these people are scum! The US Government would never ask the Albanian Government to dialogue with scum! I visited them with Pandeli Majko, without cameras or journalists, because we didn’t want to use their suffering for politics. They asked me if I would compensate them, if I was a Prime Minister. And I told them that the current law was made to lie to them, and I cannot lie on behalf of that law! But I guaranteed them that I wouldn’t ignore them, as Berisha did, although they have always voted only him. When becoming Prime Minister, in the next year, I will return to the political prisoners the right to be respected not only as people, but as people that have a body, a mind and a spirit, a wound against whom we all have the obligation to be compassionate. And they must be heard by the government as they deserve. Berisha must become a man and listen to the people whose life was destroyed by the communist party, in which he was a member for 25 years. That party violently took a large portion of their life, and left them where they are today, after so many suffering. Give and end to this shame that is giving chills even to our international friends and partners”, Rama declared.

Strazimiri: Majko compensated the persecutors

“This is act no.872, with which Ramiz Alia sued the Ministry of Finances for his imprisonment, and not the General Prosecution”, declared the Democratic Party MP, Gent Strazimiri, who published the court decisions of 1997. According to him, this proves that the Ministry of Finances, led by Pandeli Majko’s government, has compensated one of the main leaders of the communist regime, and not the General Prosecution, as Majko denied.

During the interpellation with two members of the government cabinet for the implementation of the law that compensates the former political prisoners, Strazimiri declared that in most of the cases, the Socialist government led by Mr. Majko has compensated the persecutors, not only Ramiz Alia, but also the two former General Prosecutors, Aranit Cela and Rrapi Mino, two former Interior Ministers, Simon Stefani and Hekuran Isai, and the former Director of the Secret Service, Zylyftar Ramizi.

“Everything we have said is true and proved by these documents. It is true that it is impossible to find the paying bills at the Ministry of Finances, but they have not been able to hide these court verdicts. This shows that during the time when Majko was a Prime Minister of this country, his Ministry of Finances, and not the General Prosecution, which was also led by them, has compensated all persecutors and the people who caused this moral and financial damage that we are trying to pay even today”, Strazimiri declared.

According to Strazimiri, the platform of the Socialist Party for treating the issue of the former political prisoners will continue to be hypocrisy, for as long that the Socialist leaders do not apologize for the past on behalf of the future.

“The involvement of the SP in the issue of the political prisoners will be believed only after they apologize in public. Each of them who today is a Socialist MP, has a personal debt, left by their biological father, to apologize to at least one victim, starting from the son of Kristaq Rama, Edi Rama, whose father signed the execution act of Avzi Nela, and then the son of Xhelil Gjoni, Sul Bushati and other sons of the former Secret Service members who had no public image on that time, but who have caused deaths throughout Albania, from Tropoja to Delvina”, Strazimiri declared.

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