Protests in front of the Interior Ministry

21/03/2011 18:30

Albanian Socialist Party protested in front of the Interior Ministry against alleged manipulations on the voting lists.

How can lists be manipulated? According to the Socialist Party, the municipality divisions controlled by the Democratic Party are listing as voters people who own a regular residential rental contract, which legally allows them to vote where they reside.
“Fear is what made Sali Berisha and Lulëzim Basha put at work their “Al Capone” in this ministry, in order to manipulate the voting lists.  Please imagine, dear citizens of Tirana. The former communist regime obliged two or three families to live under the same roof of a single bedroom apartment. Today, the lists of Berisha’s Al Capone have six families living under the same roof, people who come from all over Albania. He has enlisted them as voters, even though they actually live somewhere else. According to them, a single bedroom apartment shelters six families. Can you imagine what kind of theft they are trying to pull?” socialist deputy Namik Dokle declared.

The head of Division no. 1 of Tirana’s Mayor Office, controlled by the Socialist Party, declared that they are committed to keep protesting until the updated voting lists will be accessible to the Socialist Party.

“We are going to protest every day, until the legal demand of the Socialist Party is met, to have access to the voting list updated on March 8-th. We are going to protest every day, until the Registry Office Direction and Interior Minister Lulëzim Basha explain why the Registry Office system of national registering has not respected the election code, which clearly states that after March 9-th, as the OSCE ambassador also declared, new residential movements by the citizens should not be registered in the final voting lists.” Lindita Nikolla said.

The socialist Party also pretends that there are thousands of people who are enlisted in more than one voting center.

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