Protest in Mamurras against traffic of heavy vehicles that endanger life and damaging the village houses

25/03/2023 15:58

For 11 days now the residents of a neighborhood in Mamurras, north of the capital, continue to protest and block the road to prevent the passage of heavy tonnage vehicles, as the trucks pass through to the hills of the town to get construction material from quarries.

For the residents, it has become a serious concern for the lives of the children and for their health, because of the large amount of dust they cause as well as damage done to their homes.

“My shop and house were damaged only by heavy tonnage trucks. We have been holding this protest for 11 days because the quarry trucks have rendered our lives hell.

That’s why we don’t have life here with this, it’s either the trucks or us”, said an interviewed resident.

“The road is too narrow for trucks, when they exchange, they jump on the sidewalks.

We have sent a petition to the Municipality of Kurbin and the head of the Kurbin Police Station but we have not yet received an answer”, added the concerned resident.

He says that the passage of dozens of trucks at any time hinders the children who have to go to school.

For a long time, this road segment from the village of Droja in the direction of the Mamurras-Tirana national axis is used every day by these construction companies that take material from quarries for paving roads or building new buildings.

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