Protest for property theft in Maliq, Kakaci residents: Our land has been occupied

20/10/2020 15:35

This land in the village of Kakac is reported by the residents to have been occupied by a person to turn it in vineyards, while its real owners have not found a solution from the institutions since 10 years.

There are about 150 acres of land along the national axis Korça – Pogradec which are owned by 50 families of the village but these latter say that it is impossible to cultivate it and get the fruits of their labor.

They are mainly families of migrants in European countries or the elderly, whose property has been occupied and despite their efforts they still do not find a solution, which is the reason that forced them to protest.

The owner of a winery from the village of Gurishtë has been convicted by the court for refusing to vacate the properties he says he owns, claiming that they are state property.

This claim was rejected by the Municipality of Maliq, which claims that these lands belong to the inhabitants.

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