Prosecution verifies Wikileaks

06/09/2011 19:25

The General Prosecution explained through a press release, referring to
some information published on some written media recently, that they
have not established a special team for investigating the Wikileaks

The declaration of the prosecution confirms the news given by Top-Channel that what the prosecution established was a special team for verifying the events mentioned in the cables of the US Embassy in Tirana, which have been published in the Albanian media after being released on Wikileaks.

Top-Channel confirmed from official and non official sources of the General Prosecution that they have established a special group for verifying the Wikileaks cables about Albania.

Prosecution officials, part of this group, confirmed that the verifications are continuing with this purpose.

For bringing more light on this special verification team, Top-Channel has learned from official sources that the Prosecution has hired licensed translators.

The investigators who are making the verification come from a Prosecution task force, four experts attached to this institution three months ago and two prosecutors.

The sources at the GP do not give details, since the cables of the US Embassy say that they cannot legally verify such connections.

However, it is expected to proceed even with cases when the Prosecution has started the verifications and then has conducted investigations based on the facts that are published in the media, such as in the Damir Fazlic case, when the task force started the verifications based on information released by the written press.

Although the Prosecution has been silent in other similar cases, the declaration of this institution has come after some media outlets transformed the legal terms about procedures for verifying Wikileaks cables, calling them as investigations. For this reason, the prosecution has rushed to say that there is no investigation team without verifying the data first, which is a normal procedure before the investigation.

The cables also mention hot topics such as the Durres-Kukes road, Fazlic, Gerdeci, the accusations against the second person in charge at the Albanian police and a part of the high rank government officials, accused of having connections with crime.

The cable also mentions some pressures made to the Prosecution by the government, each time that this institution has started investigating great scandals, which has made the Prosecution to drag their feet with cases of high public interest.

Top Channel