Prosecution orders arrest of the former mayor Vangjush Dako and subordinates in the Durrës municipality

06/06/2023 18:18

The special anti-corruption prosecution SPAK has issued a prison arrest warrant for former mayor of Durrës, Vangjush Dako, and some subordinate officials under him.

Journalist Anila Hoxha informs that the arrest warrant for the former head of the municipality of Durrës was issued after suspicions of abuse of office. Hoxha learns that according to sources, a total of 10 arrest warrants have been issued for employees and former employees of this municipality.

SPAK’s arrest warrants that are currently being implemented are 7 prison arrests and three house arrests, accepted by the Court.

Although today he is absent, only four days ago Dako was called to testify at SPAK where he was questioned for several hours about the issue.

It is not yet known what Dako was questioned about, but it seems that this has convinced the Special Prosecutor’s Office to issue an arrest warrant against him.

It is suspected that the case has to do with a construction that suffered severe damage from the 2019 earthquake, which Dako gave permission to legalize in violation of the law, according to sources.

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