Problems in waste collection in Gjiri i Lalzit beach in Durres

15/07/2021 20:10

In the picturesque Gjiri i Lalzit beach north of Durres, the sunbeds are empty, while the garbage bins are full!

For weeks, urban waste in this well known tourist area has not been withdrawn, and rubbish bins near hotels and restaurants keep local and foreign holidaymakers away.

Garbage is reportedly not collected by the municipality of Durrës and in the territory of Lalzi have been set up illegal landfills, which smell foul. The Adriatic coastline in this tourist season will host fewer tourists, while untreated urban waste will bring less revenue and economic development.

You can find trash cans everywhere, on the roads or the middle of the pine forests.

Business administrators, faced with this environmental catastrophe, have been forced to improvise by destroying waste by fire.

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