President Meta rejects law on Police Force Vetting: Creates space for police misuse in electoral processes

11/07/2020 15:12

President Ilir Meta has returned for reconsideration the law no. 74/2020 “On the transitional and periodic evaluation of the employees of the State Police, the Republican Guard and the Service for Internal Affairs and Complaints in the Ministry of Interior, amended”.

The legal reasoning made public by the Head of State institution said: “Especially at a time when the country is expected to undergo general elections, the strengthening of this pressure through the transitional assessment (vetting process) becomes even more harmful in guaranteeing the impartiality of police forces and, consequently is worrying.

“This uncertainty of police personnel has the criteria to be abused in special situations, especially during the election process.”

According to Meta, the law aims to remove the deadline for the completion of the transitional evaluation process, this time for senior leaders of the police force and the Service for Internal Affairs and Complaints.

The President of the Republic, through the return for reconsideration of this law, has called on the Assembly to re-evaluate the initiative, setting a clear objective and a deadline that helps guarantee a police force with integrity and professional, n order to conclude this process no later than 31 December 2020.

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