President Meta on April 25 elections: 83,000 invalid ballots to be investigated

30/04/2021 15:15

President Ilir Meta has called today for an investigation of invalid ballots, which are an unprecedented number of about 83 thousand, and raise suspicions of manipulation and can change a number of MP mandates.

In calm tones, unlike what we had seen during the campaign where the president called for violence if votes were bought or sold, he stressed that the process is still ongoing and there is still no winner of the election.

“The result continues and has all the possibilities to be only preliminary and the complaining process has not started yet. First of all, I want to thank the citizens of Albania who, regardless of what happened, responded to the president’s call. No ballot box or ballot paper should be touched, everything should be counted because the film footage is there, it is very easy to do the expertise and check whether it was done by the secret hand or the sovereign, the commissioner, or the middleman. They must keep the cooperation they have had so far, and make an investigation of invalid ballots”, said Meta, among other things.

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