President Meta denounces PD’s Basha for collusion with socialists: Opposition boycott of elections served SP interests

22/11/2021 20:21

Albanian President Ilir Meta has strongly condemned today in a press conference the leader of the opposition PD, Lulzim Basha, saying that he has helped the ruling SP politically “for their common interests”.

The development comes after the Democrats leader Basha earlier raised absurd accusations that “the president is part of the Bermunda triangle together with the prime minister Edi Rama and former DP leader Sali Berisha”.

According to Meta, Basha’s boycott of the elections took place at a time when four SP members in the CEC boycotted their participation.

The President emphasizes that Basha not only did not support him, but was used by the majority in the Commission of Inquiry and that of Venice.

“The boycott of Basha on October 13, requested by himself, was in sync with the boycott of 4 members of the SP in the CEC who organized the unconstitutional elections of October 30,” said Meta.

“Not only did he not support the president of the republic, but the lack of his request was used by the majority in the investigative commission and that of Venice.

“It is clear that Basha supported the head of the majority by giving him arguments”, said Meta.

The June 30th local elections were boycotted by the opposition led then by the PD and LSI (SMI).

Due to the boycott of the opposition, President Meta decided to cancel the elections and decree a new date October 13. But this process was called invalid and the elections were held on the appointed day.

The opposition announced protests but they did not take place after the intervention of American diplomats who gave a strong warning to the two then allied opposition leaders, Lulzim Basha and Monika Kryemadhi.

The Association of Municipalities, headed by Shkodra Mayor Voltana Ademi, demanded the annulment of the elections, but the Constitutional Court sought the opinion of the Venice Commission, which legitimized the election.

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