President Begaj welcomes Estonian counterpart Alar Karis, for the first time in Tirana

07/06/2023 21:25

Albanian President Bajram Begaj has received the Estonian counterpart, Mr. Alar Karis, for the first time in Tirana.

Begaj writes about the event that the two countries are closer than ever which is proven by the support Estonia has given to our country in recent years.

Begaj adds that he has thanked the president of Estonia, his country ‘for standing by us and continuing to stand by us in the EU integration process.’

“It is an honor to host my friend Alar, the President of a partner country such as Estonia.

Our two countries, even though they are several thousand kilometers apart geographically, are today closer than ever to each other. This is evidenced by this visit of the President, which is the first of an Estonian president in Albania. It is also proven with all the support Estonia has given our country in recent years.”

Begaj adds that Estonia has played its supporting role for a more stabilized and developed Western Balkans.

“This is very important, especially in the new geopolitical context and in the global security situation, especially the Russian aggression against Ukraine, which brought to Europe the turbulent winds of a yesterday that we thought we had left behind.”


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