President appeals parties to keep calm

03/05/2011 15:00

Less than one week before the elections, the Albanian President repeated his appeals for calm.

According to him, political parties are responsible to contribute for honest and free elections.

Violence is unacceptable. Violence does not show anything else except for ignorance. The contribution for free and honest elections first of all comes from the political parties. When politicians interfere even with sportive interests, it is very grave, because they are disrupting an activity that belongs to the citizens”, Bamir Topi said.

The President declared that these elections have a special importance for this country’s European future. He expressed his regret for the lacking of debates between politicians and he asked them very clearly to recognize the election results.

“The main characters of this campaign seem to be the militants, the media analysts instead of the candidates. Unfortunately, this period passed without a debate. The force of the argument makes you win, but even if you do not win, you must accept the verdict”, Topi said.

The Albanian President had a special message for the intellectuals that are running for the municipality councils.

“I have seen municipality councilors who even after four years on the job, do not know what is the local autonomy card. They do not understand how important their role in the local administration is. The administration is really decentralized in papers, but in reality there are many problems”, the President emphasized.

The Albanian president gave these declarations during a meeting with representatives of the Student Parliament.

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