Police seizes 6262 seedlings in three operations against cannabis cultivation in Kruja, Lezha and Shkodra in northern Albania

31/05/2023 16:09

In Kruja, Lezhë and Shkodra, 3 operations against the cultivation of cannabis have been carried out by the police and as a result 6,262 seedlings and cannabis sativa narcotic plants were destroyed, while no suspected perpetrators of the violations were arrested.

In Kruja, during the checks within the 9th phase of the anti-cannabis police operation, 875 suspected narcotic cannabis sativa seedlings were found, specifically: 580 seedlings in the village of Shkret and 295 seedlings in the mountain of Brret.

In the Lezha region, 4557 seedlings and suspected narcotic cannabis sativa plants were found, specifically: 1700 plants in the village of Gernac, Milot; 1335 plants in Selitë village, Milot; 1000 plants in the village of Kallmet, Lezhë; 289 plants in the village of Lester, Milot and 233 plants in the mountainous region of Shengjin.

In Shkodër district, during checks in Sumë village, Pult administrative unit, 830 suspected cannabis sativa narcotic plants were found. Suspected narcotic saplings and plants were destroyed by the police by burning, while a small part of them was seized as material evidence.

The officials said that the operations continue while the procedural materials were passed to the relevant prosecutions at the courts in Durrës, Lezhë and Shkodër.

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