Police officer who killed 7-year-old with speedboat on Himara beach accused of manslaughter, five others under investigation

03/08/2022 21:02

The high ranking officer of Elbasan police, Arjan Tase, will appear before the Vlora court on the charge of manslaughter of 7-year-old Jonada Avdia whom he killed yesterday while dangerously maneuvering with his speedboat on the Himara beach, while densely populated with vacationers.

The Ministry of the Interior, referring to the evidence, explains that Arjan Tase was driving the boat while his family members were also on board.

On the beach of Potami, in violation of the rules of water circulation he entered the water space where vacationers were bathing, although the limit for navigation during the summer season orders no closer than 500 meters from the shore.

It is reported that after landing the family members on the shore, the officer made careless maneuvers a few meters away from the shore, thus hitting the 7-year-old child, who died immediately.

The agency states that suspicions are also cast against the structures of the border and local police, while the persons against whom investigations are being carried out are also the director of the border of Vlora, Shpëtim Hasanaliaj, his subordinate Fatos Muka, as well as the chief of the police station of Himara as well as the head of the police station in Dhërmi.

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