Police in hunt for owners of coal shipment with concealed drugs in port of Durres

18/05/2022 20:38

Albanian police found today 59 kg of cocaine in a consignment of coal in the Port of Durrës coming from the ship Unistream from Colombia, but strangely the name of the consignor and its final destination remain a mystery as no one showed for the delivery.

Sources told “Top Channel” that the coal was ordered by a distributor who would then distribute it to kilns and other inert points as fuel. The ship’s crew was interviewed by police and assisted in emptying all the ship’s coal barns.

Police had information that the ship from Colombia in addition to coal, would also bring drugs, so an operational unit had been waiting for it for 3 days, believing that they would also catch the traffickers.

Police said they are working to investigate whether there was insider information for their operation.

Top Channel