PM Rama supports Kosovo in Pristina: Serbia to implement the license plate agreement, there is no room for abuse

27/09/2021 15:10

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama was in Kosovo today at a press conference with counterpart Albin Kurti, to whom he gave full support for the reciprocity modality of license plates with Serbia, as he called on the latter to withdraw and resolve the conflict at the border.

“One of the priorities of Albania as a member of the UN will be to promote the recognition by all of the reality of Kosovo as a natural and formal conclusion of the dissolution of the former Yugoslavia.

“It is Serbia that should recognize it and it is unfortunate that instead of concrete progress and liberation from the past, we are witnessing theatrical maneuvers at the border with Kosovo.

“Serb citizens in Kosovo live without being threatened by anyone, and they are even paid electricity bills like nowhere else in the world. The license plates are a legitimate right but also an agreement reached in time between the two respective governments.

“Albania’s position, which I consider fair and unchanged from the first moment when this conflict appeared, is that the right here sits with Kosovo as Serbia has no right to reject the license plates and ‘turn the fly into a buffalo’ , as if Kosovo were seeking conflict, when in fact it is only seeking the implementation of the agreement.

“I want to reiterate our position that now that the problem has been raised and no one is discussing the necessity of the license plate reciprocity regime, care must be taken that security is not compromised and that the problem between Kosovo and international partners does not return.

“Albania shares the conviction that the problem should be resolved through dialogue and I believe that it can happen by avoiding conflict,” Rama said, among other things.

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