PM Rama promises the public administration 900 euro a month salaries from July: We will try to increase pensions as well

29/05/2024 21:14

The head of the Albanian government was at the presentation of the motivation plan for the public administration, where he stated that June will be the last month with the current salary and that from July the administration will receive an average salary of 900 euros.

Rama added that pensions should also be increased since a large part of pensioners receive less than 150 euros per month, adding that it is a step that requires a lot of care, but that the government will undertake.

“Average salary 900 euros. June is the last month with this salary that you have, and the next salary will be a very significant increase if we consider the total, about 400 million in total for human resources.

“It is a significant increase for this period, and of course we need to look a little more at how to do the most difficult part, which is the low pensions…

“Let’s increase the support for pensioners, because a considerable number of them receive less than 150 euros. I have said it and the experts said it to us, it is a very heavy weight. We will take a step in that direction as well”, said Rama.

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