PM Rama on election of the president: We still do not have a name, there is no consensus from the opposition

16/05/2022 20:33

After exhausting the first round of the presidential election process, Prime Minister Edi Rama stated today that the SP majority still does not have a name for the new head of state.

In a statement to the media before the Assembly, Rama said that he does not see any idea or will on the part of the opposition to be involved in the process of electing a new president. “It is known that we do not have the 84 votes needed to pass the three rounds. It does not appear to me that there is any idea or will from other parties to be deleted.

We do not have a name for president so far,” Rama told reporters.

Without a name proposal for the new President of the Republic, the parliament convened today in plenary session, where the first round for the election of the Head of State was consumed.

According to the constitution, today is considered an exhausted voting round, to give way to four more rounds. The conference of mayors is to decide on the date of the second round.

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