PM Rama meets Rishi Sunak, the two prime ministers talk about immigrants, security and the economy

23/03/2023 21:06

Edi Rama was the first Albanian prime minister to enter 10 Downing Street on an official visit at the invitation of his British counterpart Rishi Shunak, at a time when Albanian immigrants have become the object of criticism for the political interests by English ministers.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak presented the issues for discussion, mainly that of illegal immigration.

“It is a pleasure to welcome you to Britain. Britain and Albania have a close partnership and I am looking forward to further strengthening those relations with you today”, said the British Prime Minister at the opening of the conversation.

“During the last year we talked about punishing illegal immigration and I am happy about the progress we have made in that direction. We will discuss this later as I also want to discuss with you about economic cooperation, trade as well as the field of security, specifically about the cyberattacks that you have experienced” – said Sunak.

Prime Minister Edi Rama made it clear to Rishi Sunak Albania’s willingness to cooperate, but also the position that Albanians cannot be made an example of evil in Great Britain.

“Thank you, Prime Minister, I am very honored. As you know, this is the first visit of an Albanian prime minister to this historical building. I am thankful for this”, said Rama.

He further added: “Not all Albanians are like some outlaw characters as in the movie ‘Taken’. The guys who come here with the rafts… are not just Albanian, but part of a wider frame. We want to assure you that the Albanian community here feels not only safe, but also respected. Our common objective is to win this battle. We are interested in strengthening the cooperation between us. I’m really serious about having deals not just words. I look forward to doing our best together. Thank you again and I invite you to come to Tirana.” – said Rama among other things.

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