PM Rama disappointed by Brussels: The spirit of enlargement turns to blackmail

23/06/2022 20:46

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama complained today about the slowness of the accession process to the European Union, citing several cases of holding advancement from certain countries.

In a conference with the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia, Kovacevski, and the Serbian President, Vucic, the leaders of the Western Balkans repeated the word ‘disappointment’ in various forms, saying that “none of them or the EU leaders now know when it will end.”

Rama said that if in the past countries like France or the Netherlands with their skepticism blocked the EU integration steps, since 2020 the blockade protagonism is led by Bulgaria.

“It is a deep regret with the EU. You feel bad as we are not there as Europeans but as friends in a shared home. The reason is not only Bulgaria. The spirit of enlargement has turned to blackmail. Whenever something happens in a country, this movement is activated by Bulgaria. Putin is taking power from Bulgaria, which is blocking the countries. There is another blackmail which is for the citizens of Kosova, the only ones who cannot move freely in the block. After the liberation, the liberators are being held hostage. This must end “, said among other things PM Rama.

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