PM Rama calls on extra-parliamentary opposition: Let’s sit down to discuss, 100% consensus is welcome

30/07/2020 16:09

Prime Minister Edi Rama through a reaction on Twitter has called on the Democratic Party and their allies to sit down with the Socialist Party and the opposition in Parliament to work for reflection on the newly adopted Electoral Law.

With the vote in the Assembly, according to Rama, these changes are no longer a project, but part of the Basic Law of our Republic and are mandatory for everyone.

“At the table we reduce the responsibility to the country and the people, the reason and our democratic culture, not the threatening bullshit!
“There is no time to lose. Work should start tomorrow. Whoever does not come to the table remains outside the decision-making. “The 100% consensus is welcome, but no minority can take the constitutional majority hostage in this process – today’s vote should be enough not to try it again!”, Said Rama, among others

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