PM Rama: All other governments failed, next year starts the construction of the Skavica HPP

03/06/2020 15:55

During the presentation of the project, Prime Minister Edi Rama said today that the construction of the Skavica HPP on the Drin river will start next year.

Prime Minister Edi Rama said that the hydropower plant has been a dream left in the drawer since the 1960s. He added that all previous governments had failed and used Skavica only as part of their election promises and campaigns.

“After more than half a century as a dream in the drawer of the Albanian governments, the project of Skavica Hydropower Plant, enters the path of realization. Our government will build it with 100% state funding this strategic work for energy independence and turning Albania into a key factor in the region’s energy sector. Skavica Hydropower Plant completes the Drin River Cascade and creates the possibility of conserving water reserves, eventually ending great energy losses”, stated Rma among other things.

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