Pines collapse into the sea; Erosion threatens the shores of the old beach in Vlora

21/11/2020 15:37

Marine erosion is threatening entire areas of beaches and forests on the coast of Vlora.

The erosion of the beach and of the seaside green belt has created an alarming situation in which the 70-year-old pines end up collapsing in the sea waters and the beach shrinking year in year out.

In the line from the end of the Old Beach to the vicinity of Tri Port area in Vlora, every year beach space is lost from the advancement of the sea to the land also causing the fall of the perennial pines.

Residents and fishermen point out that the beach used to be about 100 m wide, most of which today is covered by sea water, including the bunkers of the communist era.

In addition to natural factors in the development of erosion and degradation of this coastline has also influenced the human factor through urban waste and forest misuse.

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