Pedestrian overpass at the entrance to Shkodra collapses, suspectedly hit by crane

03/02/2023 20:52

The collapse of the overpass in the “Bahçallek” neighborhood today at the entrance to the city of Shkodra in northern Albania, fortunately was without human consequences.

The incident happened today at noon at the peak of traffic, but fortunately at that moment there were neither pedestrians of the neighborhood nor vehicles.

In the clips from the scene is seen what is left of the collapse of a part of the overpass, inaugurated only a few months ago.

The suspicions are that the pedestrian bridge was hit by a crane that was being transported by a truck. The crash appears to have detached the side foundation of the road infrastructure facility, and as soon as the vehicle passed, it collapsed onto the road.

The traffic at the entrance to Shkodra was blocked for a few minutes, but then the vehicles were diverted to a secondary axis, thus restarting the movement.

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