Pastor on self-sacrificed family in Tirana: The Josifi family did not attend the Tirana evangelical church

07/07/2020 15:53

The Josifi family, 2 out of three members of which tragically lost their life in a self-immolation ritual in Tirana, was rumored to be part of the evangelical community or of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but none of the groups acknowledges this fact.

Well-known Albanian pastor Akil Pano says that the family was not part of the Evangelical Church in Tirana but the girls used to attend the evangelical church in Përmet years ago.

“They were part of Përmet evangelical church, where the girls were minors, but from the information I have in Tirana they were not part of,” said the pastor.

According to the Pano, the gravetragedy should not be seen only in the religious context, but also related to other contributing factors.

“I would look at isolation as a major factor, and if they were part of a church, they would be free of isolation.”

The pastor casts doubt that this tragedy may be related to a sect that has experimented with the women of the Josifi family.

“It is likely that some one has conducted a human experiment to understand how much one can fight for what is misguided to believe”, states Pano, adding that such sects are present in Albania.

Mother and daughter Zhaneta and Anisa Josifi were found dead in the weekend in their apartment in an apparent self-abnegation ritual, while the other daughter Blerta was found in grave state but is now out of danger.

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