Pacolli, let us grow the Albanian economy

21/03/2011 17:00

“Economic growth” was the key word of the speech that Kosovo President, Behgjet Pacolli, held earlier today in front of the Albanian Parliament.

Pacolli expressed the necessity of Albania and Kosovo to extend their economic cooperation, in order to achieve as soon as possible the desired goals.
We should always look forward and use our past to build our future, which will be a brilliant one. I call on your national conscience to stop and think if we should be satisfied with our actual economical results. We have had results, but we should not be satisfied. We should open the way to new possibilities of cooperation.” Pacolli declared.
Giving his highest consideration on the “Durrës-Morina” road investment, Kosovo Chief of State declared that they should make the most of this road to improve trade between the two countries.

“We can honor the public money used for the “Road of the Nation”, by filling it with movements, ideas and goods. We should bring more development to our citizens. We should circulate many things, but these new cooperation lines should be built upon a strong basis.” Pacolli declared.

Pacolli proposed the national unification of Kosovo and Albania, not on territorial basis, but on economical ones, by easing the trade possibilities between the two countries.
“I propose a periodical meeting of our state representatives, in the same way that EU member countries do, and also holding the business economic forums more frequently than twice a year. We should grow our energetic capacity; we should have the same type of bills for the exchange of goods. We should develop our business there where we live.” Pacolli stressed out.

“We should turn back to work as soon as possible, because our countries are behind. We should start working with a strong sense of will, so that the success will be guaranteed.” Pacolli added in front of the Albanian deputies.

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