Opposition’s Meta is interrogated for three hours by the SPAK special prosecutor’s office: I was summoned as an opponent of the chief prosecutor

13/06/2024 16:08

The head of the Freedom Party, Ilir Meta, left the premises of the SPAK special prosecutor’s office today after being interrogated for about three hours by the prosecutors.

Meta did not give explanations to the journalists about what he was asked by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, but said with irony that he was called as an opponent of the ‘narco-regime’, referring to the current Albanian government, and as an opponent of ‘Dum Dumani’, satiricaly  referring to the chief prosecutor.

The head of the PL accused the SPAK prosecutor’s office of “dealing with the birds” instead of investigating high profile corruption cases.

“I have been called in the capacity of Dum Dumani’s opponent as he does not investigate the McGonigal issue, and instead of stopping PM Edi Rama, the incinerators, the Durrës affair, the PPP that are financial leaks, he only deals with small birds.

“This is what Dum Dumani wants, not to deal with these issues. This task was assigned by PM Rama. I was called here as an opponent of the narco regime,” said Meta.

Meta was also sent an invitation by the special prosecutor Sotir Kllapi, who is conducting a property investigation against the Meta couple.

“What happened? I’m going to meet Dum Dumani. Do you know who Dum Dumani is? He is the one who does not dare to open the McGonigal case, because he is head to head with Edi Rama. Dum Dumani is the one who does not dare to mention the name of Edi Rama, not even in the case of Sali Berisha”, said Meta to the journalists as he addressed the door of SPAK at 10:00.

His wife Monika has also been summoned by the prosecutor’s office for issues of financial assets, but Mrs. Kryemadhi made it clear that she had a kind of division with Ilir Meta due to his antagonistic stances towards the SPAK prosecutor’s office.

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