Opposition’s Basha rejects Rama’s promises: Most corrupt government in Balkans, borrowing more to pay off debts

16/09/2021 20:38

The leader of the opposition PD, Lulzim Basha, today in his speech in parliament rejected the claims for achievement, saying that the Rama government is the most corrupt in the Balkans.

“Of course, the one sitting behind me would tell you that these are only words, he says that things are going well, and that Albania is walking proudly thanks to the glorious deeds of this government, or the party-people unity. But I say that these are part of the old position-opposition game ”.

“Let me do an autopsy on the body of this government, not with our knife but with those of ourpartners and international organizations:

“We start with the World Bank, according to which Albania has the highest level of poverty in the Balkans.

“Almost half of our fellow citizens live on less than $5 a day. Eurostat says Albania is the last country in Europe for per capita income. Albanians have the lowest minimum wage and the lowest individual consumption per capita in Europe.

“US State Department describes Albania as the most corrupt country in the Balkans, in Moneyval’s ‘gray’ list for money laundering. For the UN, we are the main producer of hashish in Europe, as the only product by with which your government is known, while Albanian farmers who work honestly their land are left without support, as agricultural subsidies are the lowest in the region.

“Even in the cases they are given, they are insignificant, or given as corruption deals or to buy votes.

“Public debt has derailed, threatening the future of our generations. You found the debt at 60% of Gross Domestic Product and brought it over 80%, the highest in the region. You came to power quoting Luigj Gurakuqi ‘nothing worse than taking debt to pay off debts’”.

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