Opposition PD’s Tabaku: Albania, the most corrupt country, seized by an occult government

28/07/2021 19:56

The opposition Democratic Party through Jorida Tabaku, commented today on the USSD report on the business climate in Albania, emphasizing as main concerns corruption, lack of transparency in public tenders, unfair competition, informality and frequent changes of laws.

“It is already a known fact that Albania has the most corrupt government in Europe. Albanians are governed by a state taken hostage by an occult government that does not respect the market economy or fair competition.

“As a result, today the economy is in crisis, Albanians collect less income at the end of the month as the country is less attractive for foreign investment! What an investor finds in Albania, as the report claims, is corruption, lack of private property security and abusive laws that favor the government’s clients.

“This is not just a perception but a reality already proven by dozens of international reports that documenting corruption at the highest levels of the Albanian government and abuses in public tenders,” said Tabaku among other things.

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