Opposition PD: File 339 is a state crime, SPAK must act and not hide behind finger pointing

28/07/2020 15:36

Opposition DP said today regarding the arrests of electoral officials for violations in the 2017 elections, that they are evidence of election theft by the current prime minister.

“File 339 is a state crime, by which Edi Rama stole and bought the 2017 elections along with organized crime. File 339 is Vangjush Dako, it is the Avdylaj gang, it is the international drug traffickers, it is Edi Rama, who was elected by vote buying and threats.

“Justice has not yet been done for this crime which continues to hold the country hostage. Vangjush Dako, declared non grata by the US, continues to be free, under the protection of Edi Rama. Other people close to Edi Rama continue not to be investigated for connections with drug traffickers who bought the elections for Edi Rama in Durrës, Kavaja, Shijak, Lezha, etc.

“SPAK must act fully and not hide behind pointing the finger. Manipulating the 2017 election requires justice and punishment, starting from the head rather than the tail.

“Buying votes, cooperating with organized crime in elections, threatening voters and commissioners, pressure on public administration, are crimes that have long been waiting for justice.

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