Opposition leaves parliament at Murrizi’s invitation: Let’s go to the referendum, you are opening an auction

09/07/2020 15:41

Parliamentary opposition MP Myslym Murrizi, replying to socialist MP Taulant Balla, regarding the request to open the electoral lists, said that the majority will never have the votes of the opposition in Parliament in aiming to preserve the old electoral code.

According to him, the majority is demanding that to maintain good relations with the opposition outside the Assembly and with that in the Assembly.

“An agreement reached cannot force the deputies, or at least the opposition. We have requested open national lists and 100% voting on OSCE / ODIHR recommendations. We demanded that the votes be counted for the first time, not by party militants. You (the majority) have opened an auction and have given the floor to those outside this hall. You may forget that you will get 84 votes. You can not deprive the Albanians.

“Let’s open the lists if you want our consensus. No militant commissioners. Receive the offer and get your 84 deputies. I invite the deputies to leave this hall. The opposition is leaving the assembly”, Murrizi said earlier.

The leader of the SP group, Balla, spoke earlier in the Assembly about the electoral reform, saying that the SP is ready to discuss constitutional changes. Balla told the Assembly that politics must reach a tripartite agreement on Electoral Reform in order to hold fair elections.

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