Oil workers hunger strike/ PM Rama: Ready to talk with them about the problem, but not like this!

19/10/2020 15:05

The oil workers’ hunger strike continues in Ballsh refinery and it is now 5 days since the women oil workers went on hunger strike.

Prime Minister Rama wrote on Twitter that he believes that their action is unnecessary, and adds that he is ready to sit down and talk with them.

He calls on them to end the strike, adding that “pressures and ultimatums do not work and Ballsh workers are no exception to this non-negotiable principle!”

Prime Minister Rama on Twitter:

“I repeat to the Ballsh oilmen and women that their strike is unnecessary because I am with them and the government is theirs! We are fully aware of their plight, which is also our plight, and it is absurd that those who caused it now give them support.
I fraternally invite them to end the strike and I am ready to sit down and talk to them about this common problem, but not like that! It is non-negotiable!

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