Officials at the port of Durrës catch packages of cocaine in van with English license plates, two detained

25/05/2024 16:18

The border police in the port of Durrës, in the western coast of Albania, have exercised a check on a van with English license plates, after suspicions of illegal items and the scan revealed that the cargo van had hidden 7 packs of cocaine.

Police sources say that the cocaine was found inside the double bottom created in the van, under the driver’s seat. The cocaine was packed in vacuum bags to avoid detection by police sniffing dogs, officials added.

So far, two people, 38-year-old Arjan Doci and 39-year-old Mentor Çuni, have fallen into the custody of the police, while investigations are continuing to implicate others in this traffic network.

Top Channel learns that the van where the cocaine was found belonged to the “Bledi Trans” company, which transported items and packages from the Albanian community in England and brought them to Albania. The van followed the route Albania – Italy – England.

The Directorate of Criminal Police is known to have contacted the British NCA officers in Tirana for other joint investigations, towards other Albanians in England and Albania involved in this traffic line.


Top Channel