Numismatic coins for 100th independence anniversary

23/08/2011 08:20

Albania’s 100th anniversary of independence, expected to be celebrated
next year, will be carved in gold. The Supervision Council at Bank of
Albania decided to produce 12.000 commemoration coins in gold, silver
and copper, which will be sold to collectors around the world.

The decision of the Supervision Council empowers the governor to establish the design of these coins.

There will be produced 1000 golden coins with a nominal value of 200 ALL, weighting 15.5 grams, and a gold purity of 9001000, almost 22 carats. 100 of these will be preserved by Bank of Albania in its numismatic fund. These coins will have a gold value of 800-900 USD, while their price in the market will be higher, depending from the evaluations of the coalitionists. Experts say that the value of gold in different coins will be given by calculating the current gold price in international markets.

Bank of Albania will also produce 1000 silver coins of 30 grams, with a gold purity 9251000. The current price of silver is 43 USD per ounce, while one ounce weights almost 31 grams. For the collectors who have passion, but not money, the Bank of Albania will produce 10.000 copper coins of 12 grams.

Albania has produced different numismatic coins in the last decades, which have been released for the collectors. The golden coins for the 500 anniversary of the Michelangelo statue “David” were published on 2001 and actually cost 20.000 ALL. On the same year were produced commemorative coins in silver, which those who are passionate about the European dream can by for 2400 and 3200 ALL.

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