“No change on June 5th agreement “, PM Rama: PS supports the open electoral lists

10/07/2020 15:58

Prime Minister Edi Rama, while holding a conversation with the media regarding the electoral reform, said that the Socialist Party has decided to support the idea of Open electoral Lists that have been persistently requested by the opposition in the Assembly.

According to Rama, there are rumors that this is being done in order to break the agreement reached by the political parties on June 5 for the Electoral Reform, but according to him no point of this agreement has been violated.

According to Rama, the opening of the lists has never been a ‘taboo’ for the Socialist Party and that this will be achieved in two phases.

“We have decided to support the opening of the lists and to give every voter the opportunity to choose the political entity and to express his preference for the deputy included in the list of the political entity. It is a decision that reflects the conviction that the opening of the lists coincides with the desire of a very large mass of citizens who go beyond a ruling majority and minority. As Taulant (Balla) said, this would be the simplest and most comfortable solution for a big party, but also for me as chairman. On this occasion, I must give everyone the message that it has never been my priority to open the electoral lists but for the SP to reflect on the society and its interests.”

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