New parliament starts with tensions/ Basha leaves the hall after accusing the socialists of regulation violations

13/09/2021 21:23

Today’s session in parliament has started with tensions between the leader of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha and socialist MP Taulant Balla.

The request of Petrit Vasili, who asked for clarification as to why the 4 SMI deputies were not included in the parliamentary committees, received the support of Taulant Balla of the SP, but strong opposition from the DP leader, Basha.

Parliament Speaker Nikolla proposed to approve today only the Bureau of the Assembly and the approval of the majority of deputies, but Basha addressed her with harsh language, and then left the hall along with the Democratic deputies.

“You started well by violating the regulations, you take orders like a soldier, shame on you, what do you think this is, with what power ?! You are a model, you take orders from the one who should not be in the hall at all “, Basha addressed Nikolla.

Then accompanied by MP Agron Gjekmarkaj he left the hall and went back to the PD headquarters.


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