New budget, Kumbaro: Funds for cleaning the territory, requalification of entry and exit points of Albania

22/10/2021 21:13

The government today approved the draft budget for next year but without clarifying the amount of funds to be used.

After the decisions taken and the conversation that took place between the mayors, ministers and Prime Minister Rama, the Minister of Tourism and Environment, Mirela Kumbaro, said that the issue of the territory cleaning is reflected strongly in the draft budget of 2022.

Kumbaro added that there will be a ‘requalification’ of all entry and exit points in Albania, a project that will start in early 2022, in preparation for the new tourist season.

Kumbaro added: “Waste management will be a bridge that supports the development of tourism. This is supported in the 2022 budget in an unusual way compared to other years, which confirms the priority we give to this program.

“In preparation for the tourist season, we will have a new project at the beginning of 2022 to make a requalification of all entry points on the border of Albania, to give the best possible feeling for tourists.

“The priority to the coastal areas, the development of tourism and of course the priority for a clean Albania, are also reflected in the draft budget of 2022.”

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