Murder of former Shkodra MP; Main track of the investigation, conflict over assets and property alienation

30/11/2021 20:50

Former MP and former mayor of Velipoja in northern Albania, Pashko Ujka was shot dead on Monday evening near his house.

Shkodra Police and Prosecution said today that in the investigation of the murder, main lead is that of property conflicts and conflicts due his former role as mayor of Velipoja.

Police experts have seized the CCTV footage from businesses in the area where the perpetrator is seen, and are working to identify him.

The conflicts are reported to be carried over from the time when Ujka was mayor of Velipoja in the period 2011-2015.

During the exercise of his duty as mayor of Velipoja, Ujka and his subordinates have been under investigation by the Shkodra prosecutor’s office, with the accusation of “fFlsification of documents” and “Abuse of duty”.

At that time, tens of hectares of land were allocated with “Acts of Land Acquisition” with documents that were purported to be forged, with which was carried out alienation of properties on the coast of Velipoja.

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