Montenegro, barbed-wired fence in the border with Albania to stop Middle Eastern refugees

21/05/2018 13:52

The barbed wire Hungarian border that caused huge debates in Europe is turning into a trend, as Montenegro plans building a similar one to the border with Albania, due to the increased number of illegal refugees who are trying to enter the EU.

Vojislav Dragovic, Head of the Border Department in Montenegro, said that the barbed wired fence is a real possibility if the refugee flux continues.

Dragovic also said that the Albanian authorities have often refused to take the clandestine groups returned by Montenegro, based on the bilateral agreement for repatriation.

According to Reuters, thousands of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa are trying to enter the richest EU countries, and traffickers have created a new Balkan trail that goes through Greece, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia, an EU member.


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