Minister: Kindergartens and nurseries to open on June 1st, the virus has not disappeared

26/05/2020 15:34

Albanian Health Minister, Ogerta Manastirliu has announced that the kindergartens and nurseries will be open from June 1st.

Meanwhile, the committee of experts warns that the virus has not disappeared and great care must be taken by every citizen.

“The reopening strategy will continue in line with the stages that the technical committee of experts has approved. We will continue with the opening of kindergartens and nurseries from June 1st, the safety protocol of which has been approved and distributed to prepare for this event. This protocol must be strictly implemented, as it is the basis for maintaining the health safety of the population “, said Manastirliu after the meeting of the Technical Committee of Experts.

According to the Minister of Health, the second phase of reopening will continue with the tourist season, with security protocols in function for the protection of citizens against the spread of COVID19.

The Minister of Health demanded maximum attention from the health structures in this second phase of reopening.

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