Minister inspects works in the new Llogara road tunnel, promises the opening this summer

28/05/2024 16:03

In the new tunnel of the Llogara mountain pass, the main road link the southern Albanian coastal cities of the Ionian Sea, nearly 88% of the works have been completed.

The authorities say that it is the last stages of the works, while work is being done in parallel on the construction of the monitoring center of the tunnel.

Deputy Prime Minister Belinda Balluku, along with Director of the Albanian Road Authority, Gentian Gjyli, closely followed the works in this work, which is expected to be ready and open for vehicle traffic at the start of the summer tourist season this year.

“We are in the last activities regarding the works on the main pipe. It is ready to start the asphalt work. Lighting is in progress, at the beginning of the tunnel is finished. Aspiration devices are mounted. We are confident that the deadlines will be met. We have all the equipment at the construction site and are ready to be assembled”, explained Gjyli.

Minister Balluku emphasized that there is a maximum commitment to complete all the works within the foreseen capacity, so that this work significantly shortens the travel time to the south coast, and is available to the citizens. Balluku said that after the end of the summer season, when the flow of traffic towards the coast decreases, the works will resume in the tunnel until the complete completion of the work.

“The Llogara tunnel will be opened for vehicle access, of course with some safety conditions as we will need to resume the work in October. When the flow reduces, it will be closed again, as we have done with Orikum-Dukat, to give them the opportunity to finish all the details, especially those of the parameters inside the emergency tunnel”, said Balluku.

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