Medics demand salary increase in letter to authorities, extra pay for overtime hours

27/10/2020 15:15

Nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians and other public sector health professionals are demanding an increase in pay from 18 to 36 euros for the work they do during the 12 hours of the night, on weekends and holidays.

For this, they addressed a letter to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health, estimating that the payment of 18 euros is very small in addition to the work done by them.

They also compared their pay with that of doctors, who are paid 59 euros a day from Monday to Thursday, 112 euros on Friday, 166 euros on Saturday and 121 on Sunday.

They have even made a basic calculation that this payment would cost the state 2 million euros a year.

While the Hospital Service of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo have not given any position.

While they refused to give Top Channel permission to talk to some nurses about this request and to film the work they do especially during the pandemic.

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