Massive fraud with asylum in Germany, tourist agencies under investigation

16/04/2015 00:00

2200 Albanian citizens have traveled to Germany in the past months for
economic asylum. The Deputy Interior Minister confirms that Albanian
citizens are being defrauded by persons who are under investigation.

“This is a scheme from tourist companies for making profits. It is not true that they will receive asylum after arriving in Germany. An Albanian citizen cannot receive asylum in Germany or other EU countries. They have used social networks to lure people and have guaranteed them even with the passports, which have been issued more quickly. This is what brought our attention to the fraudulent scheme”, declared the Deputy Minister, Elona Gjebrea.

The border police has returned everyone who did not have the right documentation to travel to the EU. Fier, Vlore, Berat and Durres are mostly affected, according to the Deputy Minister, who appeals citizens to be careful with frauds and guarantees them that everyone will be returned from Germany.

“As the German Ambassador has said, no Albanian will receive economic asylum in Germany. This is very clear. Every Albanian will be returned”, Gjebrea declared.

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