Massive fire in Bushat

23/08/2011 10:05

Fires have swallowed great pasture areas in several regions of Shkoder district. The massive flames swept the hills at Bushati
commune, while many houses and cell phone antennas are in
serious danger, together with a military unit on the Zefjane Hill.

Another active and problematic zone remains that of the Tarabosh Mountain, where the flames are being directed towards the Zogaj tourist area, in the border of Montenegro.

But the fire changed direction during the night. Another fire was seen in Luarez village, Velipoje, but the intervention of the Fire Department and Forest Police have put it out. Massive fires were also reported in Malesi e Madhe, but the most current danger comes from Bushat, where the military unit has ammunition depots. A great number of residents have helped the firefighters and forest police, who are trying to control the flames with circumstantial objects, while the fire continues to spread with impressive speed.

Other fires in Berat

A big fire was reported yesterday in Sinje village, Berat, where vast areas of vegetation were burned, while other fires were recorded in the pine hills around the city and other villages with olive groves.

The citizens asked the help of the firefighters for the flames that were being helped by the wind and the high temperatures, burning vast areas of vegetation.

Other similar situations were reported in Berat district villages such as Lapardha, Terpan and around the “Lisi i Beçit” hill. The firefighters intervened in Lapardha, where entire hectares of agricultural lands and olive groves were burned by the flames.

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