Maritime authorities in Durrës require safety measures be taken after the deterioration of the weather conditions

09/01/2023 19:33

From midday Monday to Wednesday, the weather will continue to deteriorate and the entire Albanian coast will be affected by winds of 6 to 8 bft, with a speed of 15-25 meters per second, the authorities announced.

This situation will bring strong waves with a height of 1.80 to 3.50 meters, making navigation impossible for fishing boats and other vessels of low tonnage, stated the Durres port authorities.

“The improvement of the hydro-meteorological conditions is expected only after 06:00 on January 11, therefore, in order to prevent any unexpected situation, we request the cooperation of all entities that exercise activity in the field of maritime navigation, to take all measures

necessary for securing the vessels in the port, and increasing the readiness of the crew in the navigating vessels”, says the announcement of the General Maritime Directorate.

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