Manufacturers: We reduced production, the pandemic greatly damaged the greatest employing sector in Albania

19/09/2020 15:47

The manufacturing industry is one of the sectors most affected by the Covid-19 crisis in Albania, as a result of the contraction of orders.

The data of a survey conducted by “Pro-Export Albania”, shows that over 57% of companies operating in this sector are in liquidity crisis and can not pay taxes and salaries of employees.

“We are facing a liquidity crisis at the moment. The implementation of anti-Covid measures has significantly increased our costs “, said entrepreneur Edvin Prençe.

The coronavirus crisis has forced the industry to diversify its product line, orienting it towards disposable clothing or other medical protective equipment.

But adapting and changing the course of production requires investment in new machinery.
“There are many requests from Europe for clothing and medical equipment, but investments are needed in machinery as the work has completely changed,” said Prençe.

The vast majority, about 61.4% of the 100 companies surveyed, state that they are currently working at reduced capacity. Expectations for the future are pessimistic as about half of the companies do not have clear contracts with customers.


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