Majko: No pressures, justice is by our side

26/05/2011 16:40

Former Prime Minister and one of main Socialist Party leaders, Pandeli
Majko, declared that the decision of the Central Election Commission for
Tirana is a symbol of the flagrant law infringements and of the regress
that has been imposed to Albania and its citizens by the actual

“The 10 votes between Rama and Basha have brought a series of problems that cannot be seen or treated as a legal gap. We feel bad when we see the way European Parliament treats our case. And this has really brought us many years back, as Ismail Kadare has said”, Majko declared.

For Majko, the current situation goes beyond the Socialist Party.

“This infringement can be confirmed without being a Socialist Party opponent. I feel bad when I say that due to this situation, the international community gives us lessons that we already know. But there are people who want to repeat the same errors”, Majko added.

By considering political pressures towards the Electoral College as something unfortunately normal in a country where threats have been sent to the President himself, to the General Prosecutor and the opposition, Majko said that the Electoral College judges now are facing a very important moment, having in their hands the possibility of returning justice where the Central Election Commission infringed it.

“Electoral College members have e great responsibility towards law. All of us have a great desire today to grow our children in this country and to lead a normal life here”, Majko declared.

Mr. Majko refused to comment on the protests. He said that this is the moment to let justice say its word without pressures.

“We are simply waiting the decision of the Electoral College and we hope that law expresses justice in the clearest way possible”, Majko added.

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