Long queues in Greek border

25/08/2011 16:30

Kakavija border checkpoint has been blocked for 12 hours and restarted
working today. The cause, according to the employees, was that the Greek
side of the border checkpoint had one broken computer.

Most of the people in the queues are Albanian emigrants who want to return to their jobs after passing their holidays in Albania. Most of them were obliged to pass the night in their cars. They complain of not receiving explanations on why these interruptions are happening.

“We have been staying here for 12 hours. It is unacceptable that the computer was broken yesterday night and there is no one who can fix it”, one of them declares.

Today at noon, Kapshtica border checkpoint was also blocked, and the explanation of the Greek side is a problem with the computer system.

They announced that the interruption would be for a few hours, while the Albanian emigrants have been waiting under the hot temperatures that marked a record this Thursday.

Long queues in Kapshtica

A defect at the computer system of the Greek side of the border checkpoint has blocked the movement of the emigrants in Kapshtica.
The work interruption has caused long queues of holiday makers who are waiting to cross the border.

The Greek staff declared that work will be interrupted until 14:00.

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