Left coalition candidate wins Shale commune

23/08/2011 10:55

The vote counting process at the Central Election Commission for the
Shale commune resulted with only two votes in advantage for the
candidate of the left centered coalition, Bal Vuksani.

The elections in this commune failed twice and the voting process was made possible only with the presence of a high number of police agents. The ballots were sent to Shkoder for being counted, but due to the conflicts between Zonal Election Commission members, the Central Election Commission decided to perform the process by itself.

For this reason, the ballot boxes were transported via helicopter to Tirana and CEC started counting, resulting with the candidate of “Alliance for the Future”, Bal Vuksani, winning with 644 votes, while the candidate of “Alliance for the Citizen”, Dedë Tonaj had received only to votes less.

40 ballots resulted invalid and the process had a population participation of 50%. The final result will be announced after the expiration of the deadline that the loser has to appeal the result.

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